DIY at home dog grooming: All the basics

Dog getting bathed at home grooming

At home grooming is the best option for many pet parents and definitely is the most cost effective and affordable dog grooming option. With an investment in basic tools, time, and plenty of patience, you can make dog grooming an enjoyable experience for you and your dog.

Article discusses in detail:
– DIY At Home Dog Grooming Basic Tools
– DIY At Home Dog Grooming Advanced Tools
– General How To DIY At Home Dog Grooming
– DIY Dog Grooming Challenges and How-to Overcome
– Common DIY At Home Dog Grooming Problems & Solutions
– At-Home Dog Grooming Tips and Watch-outs… read more

7 Strategies to Deal with Dog Park Dog Fights

Dog park dog fight

When our dog Logan developed a Dog Park Nemesis and began getting in frequent dog fights, we knew we had to act. We needed to better understand his behaviour, triggers, and we needed some strategies to help us deal with the situation when it did happen.

Included in this article are seven of the best strategies and techniques that worked for us to deal with dog park dog fights and good dog park behaviour in general… read more

Dog Park Nemesis

Logan Australian Shepherd roaming in dog park

Logan is a miniature, slight dog at 14lbs and gets intimidated by the pushy puppy that is already bigger than he is. Our beautiful, mostly well behaved, dog transforms into a fluffy demon in a blink of an eye. He snarls and growls and jumps and bites at his victim’s neck and face.

When this first happened, I was in total shock. I ran towards Logan which intensified his bad behaviour. I think he thought that I was coming in to back him up in the fight like a loyal wingman. I reached down and grabbed my swirling snarling demon and ended up with a bite and some scratches. Not to mention an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment for having the “bad dog” in the park… read more

Tips for cheap & affordable professional dog grooming

dog at the professional dog grooming salon

Getting your pet pampered by the pros is a great treat, but even better if you can save some money by getting cheap professional dog grooming through a deal. Once you find a groomer you love, you may want to stick with them, but until then you might as well shop around and take advantage of discounts and deals!

In this article, find 6 ideas to get professional dog grooming at discount prices… read more

Top 5 dog grooming books for new groomers & pros

Top 5 Dog Grooming Books

Whether you are a new dog owner or a professional groomer: this list contains 5 of the top dog grooming books along with a review to help you assess if that book fits you. With many of these books, you can preview the inside on to make sure it’s for you before you buy. The majority are available as e-books as well as in physical book format… read more

Logan: The Australian Shepherd puppy that wasn’t meant to be

Logan Australian Shepherd licking hand

Logan, my dog, is the fruit of a forbidden love. He was never meant to be, and fate tried to correct the error when he was only 5 weeks old by giving him Coccidia. At that time he lost one third of his body weight, dropping from 3-4 lbs to 2-3 lbs. We had waited a long time for him as we moved around the world, got settled, and built a life. Now finally, just weeks before we were going to get our furry bundle of joy, we thought he was going to die… read more

Professional dog grooming: All you need to know

Professional dog grooming

This article has got you covered in learning about every type of professional dog grooming and also has useful links to tips for cheap and affordable professional dog grooming and our professional dog grooming price comparison of 10 Top North American groomers.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by grooming your dog or all the professional dog grooming options, start feeling relieved right now because it’s very straightforward and we’ve done all the research and condensed it into a readable nutshell in this article… read more

Professional dog grooming price comparison: 10 Top North American groomers

Professional dog grooming salon price comparison

How much does dog grooming cost is a great question! Unfortunately, it varies hugely on location but, never dissuaded from a hard task, we have done a price comparison of ten top professional dog groomers all over North America to give you an idea. Keeping reading past the price chart to get more information on puppy grooming and for thoughts on why dog grooming is so expensive… read more