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10 Tips for getting your dog groomed at the salon

Professional dog grooming salon
You won’t want to wait around while your dog is groomed as it will take 1.5+ hrs

Here are some helpful tips and advice to ensure the best and smoothest experience for both you and your dog when visiting a professional dog grooming salon.

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10 Tips for Getting Groomed at the Professional Dog Groomers


  1. Ask about dog CPR and first-aid training:

    Ask is there someone available on staff that knows dog CPR and dog first-aid. Hopefully it will never be needed, but it helps to know there is someone on hand with basic pet medical knowledge to help if any medical scenarios occur

  2. Don’t be embarrassed:

    If your pet pees from fright when being handed over to the dog groomer, there’s no need to blush. The staff see this all the time and it is really not a big deal. Good dog groomers will insist they clean it up and not you, although when it happens the polite-reflex in me always offers

  3. Tire your dog out:

    Make sure to tire your pet out before a grooming appointment so your pet is more relaxed and will be better behaved for the groomer. A long walk should do the trick

  4. Study your dog’s breed grooming:

    Know at least a little about how your dog’s breed should be groomed (e.g. some dog coats should never be fully shaved) and check with the groomer about what they plan to do. You are dealing with professionals, but it never hurts to double check

  5. Ask groomer’s experience:

    Ask the experience of the groomer who will be attending to your dog. If your dog is a bit of a handful, they may not be a great match for a first time groomer

  6. It is ok to have a favourite groomer:

    Many dog grooming salons will allow you to request them specifically. Having a consistent person makes the experience more relaxing for your pet, and also gives you peace of mind that they are in great hands

  7. Be very detailed:

    When giving the groomer haircut instructions you might feel like you’re telling them how to do their job, but like human hair, hair styles are very objective and dog groomers can’t read minds. For example: tell the dog groomer specific areas you want them to pay attention to, if you like the face to be a certain shape, how long you like the tail, etc.

  8. Take a good-hair-day photo:

    When your dog has the most brilliant hair day take a photo so you can bring that photo to the groomer next time. Like at the hairdressers, it’s always very helpful to bring an accurate photo

  9. Don’t neglect to cut your dog’s nails:

    If you leave a long time between professional groomings, don’t neglect to trim your dog’s nails at home. If you never cut your dog’s nails, not only can it imbalance them, but the actual quick of the nail (the part with blood supply) can grow also and it takes a small veterinary surgery to correct

  10. Bring puppies to the groomers:

    Groom puppies as often as is practically possible to get them accustomed to being prodded, clipped, and blow dried. Puppy cuts are significantly less expensive than adult dog grooming which reduces barriers to introducing dogs to professional dog grooming. Even if you are unsure if you are going to continue with professional dog grooming, a couple of puppy desensitization visits are a great idea


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