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Girl and Australian Shepherd
Lauren the human and Logan the dog

Welcome to which is edited by myself, Lauren, and my canine companion, Logan. We live in Vancouver, Canada. Logan is an Australian Shepherd and he is awesome, as they say in the local dialect. I’m constantly learning new things from him. Either he’s actually teaching me to be a better, more patient person, or I have to research to learn how to be a good pet parent and make sure he gets the care he needs. I (or Logan) mainly write all the articles on the site, but occasionally we welcome friends and those-in-the-know to contribute and help out.

Originally I’m from Ireland, and have had lifelong obsession with animals that has lead to many adventures. If we ever get a chance to chat, ask me about the time we had a 100+ hamsters from the two “male” dwarf Russian hamsters bought at a pet fair, or the slow news day that lead to me being on the front of the local newspaper cuddling a huge python. My first pet was actually a budgie, but I won’t tell you his name, or my mother’s maiden name either for that matter.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi, myself and Logan would love to hear from you. You can use our contact page to send us an email.