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Professional dog grooming: All you need to know

Professional dog grooming

This article has got you covered in learning about every type of professional dog grooming and also has useful links to tips for cheap and affordable professional dog grooming and our professional dog grooming price comparison of 10 Top North American groomers.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by grooming your dog or all the professional dog grooming options, start feeling relieved right now because it’s very straightforward and we’ve done all the research and condensed it into a readable nutshell below.

You may also be interested this article about DIY at home dog grooming which has all the basics to get you started on your own DIY dog grooming salon.


Types of Dog Grooming:

Fundamentally you have two options for grooming your dog:

  1. Professional dog grooming
  2. Do-It-Yourself DIY at home dog grooming


Professional Dog Grooming

Getting the professionals to do all the dirty work and making your pet look perfectly polished can be a very attractive option, if you can afford the price to pamper. Depending on where you live and what type of services you go for, dog grooming can range from very affordable to very expensive. Keep reading for a breakdown of the different types of professional dog groomers, common services, and tips for getting the best professional dog grooming experience for you and your pet.


Types of Professional Dog Grooming:

  1. Dog Grooming Salon:

    Professional dog grooming salon interior
    Professional dog grooming salon interior example from

    A bricks-and-mortar location, much like a hairdressers and sometimes called a dog grooming parlour. Some salons can be an addition onto a groomer’s home, or may be as large as flagship Petsmart, or may be any size in between. At the dog salon (often just called “the groomers”), you can drop off your pet and pick from a list of services ranging from a simple bath to a full haircut with nail trimming, ear cleaning, toothbrushing, and other special treatments. After a number of hours, typically 2+, you’ll get a phone call to collect your pet. The more fun dog grooming salons will even give you a pet report card!

  2. Dog Grooming Boutique Salon:

    Professional boutique dog grooming salon spa
    Pooch Dogs Spa, boutique dog grooming salon from

    Boutique dog grooming salons will go the extra mile to provide a wide range of dog grooming styles to make your dog look extra cool, but the extra service comes at extra cost! For the boutique look on a budget, Petsmart provides dog fur colour chalking and nail polish for the showy pets and more creative guardians out there.

  3. Mobile Dog Grooming:

    Professional mobile dog grooming salon van
    Professional mobile dog grooming salon van from

    Mobile dog grooming vans are a portable dog grooming solution. With mobile dog grooming the salon comes to you! Dog grooming vans typically offer the same services as a dog grooming salon, but may be limited on boutique requests. Mobile dog groomers may come directly to your door as per arranged appointment, or to nearby location like a community center or mall which normally is advertised in local pet shops or can be searched online.

  4. Dog Daycare Grooming:

    Professional dog daycare grooming
    Dog daycare from

    A lot of dog daycares will groom your pet to professional standards while your dog is enjoying the day at daycare. If you are attending dog daycare anyway, this can be an affordable dog grooming option as usually the daycare will provide a discounted grooming rate. It also saves you having to make double trips to the daycare and to a separate dog groomers

  5. Dog Dentist:

    Dog dentists and pre-emptive dog dental care is becoming more and more prevalent as research supports better teeth and mouth health leads to longer longevity for our pets. Vets provide medical dental care normally in response to an active problem or infection. New-age dog dental care providers focus on pre-emptive dental health care measures such as regular polishing and scaling and are normally not administered by healthcare professionals like a vet or veterinary nurse. Although expensive, dog dental descaling can make a dog’s fangs as white as a puppy and delay the onset of decay and gum disease.


Common Types of Professional Dog Grooming Services

Professional dog bath is your best option for shopping pro dog grooming products

To give you an idea of dog grooming salon services, below are a number of the most common services offered identified during our dog grooming salon research where we reviewed 10 popular dog groomers for a dog grooming price comparison:

  • Dog Bath & Brush:
    Typically includes: dog bath with shampoo and blow dry, 5-15 minute brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, paw shaving, and butt clean up (sanitary trim)
  • Dog Bath & Haircut (full grooming):
    Typically includes: dog bath with shampoo and blow dry, haircut, 15+ minute brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, paw shaving, and butt clean up (sanitary trim)
  • Puppy Bath & Brush (& Haircut):
    Typically includes all the same services as the full dog version, but at a significantly reduced cost
  • Additional Dog Bath & Haircut Services:
    Most salons will offer additional services for an extra fee like: teeth cleaning, show grooming, flea and tick treatments, Furminator® de-shedding treatments (to reduce shedding), and hot oil treatments


Advanced & Creative Dog Grooming Services:

Canine pink sparkle nail claw caps covers
Canine nail caps, they think of everything!

The latest and most creative top dog grooming trends include:

  • Chalking (temporary coloured fur dye),
  • Stencilling (chalking paint is used to stencil designs on short-haired pets),
  • Feathering and fur extensions (attached to the dog’s coat temporarily),
  • Dog nail polish, nail extensions (canine nail caps),
  • and Temporary jewels (attached to the dog’s coat temporarily).


Professional dog grooming price comparison: 10 Top North American groomers

Professional dog grooming prices vary greatly depending on your location and the size and breed of your dog, but to get an idea how common prices you can check our our professional dog grooming price comparison of 10 Top North American groomers.


Professional Dog Grooming Tips & Summary

Hopefully this article has helped you learn about all the different types of professional dog groomers and the grooming services they commonly provide. If you are ready to book, you might want to check these 10 tips for getting your dog groomed at the salon.

If you have anything to add, or have found a typo and want to return it to us, please comment 🙂 We’d love to hear from you!

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