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Logan: The Australian Shepherd puppy that wasn’t meant to be

Logan Australian Shepherd licking hand
Logan Australian Shepherd three puppies
Logan and two of his litter-mates

Logan, my dog, is the fruit of a forbidden love. He was never meant to be, and fate tried to correct the error when he was only 5 weeks old by giving him Coccidia. At that time he lost one third of his body weight, dropping from 3-4 lbs to 2-3 lbs. We had waited a long time for him as we moved around the world, got settled, and built a life. Now finally, just weeks before we were going to get our furry bundle of joy, we thought he was going to die.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, lets go back to where it all started:

Logan australian shepherd tiny puppy
The earliest picture of Logan who at this stage resembles a hamster

Logan is from a long line of mini Australian Shepherds from a beautiful farm in central Canada. One day a past puppy from the farm, now grown, came to visit with her humans. As she was out frolicking with her canine family and unbeknownst to the humans, she came into heat drawing the attention of one of the smallest, but most handsome, Aussie studs on the farm. I’m sure theirs was not a long story of romancing and dancing because only a few hours later the humans who thought they were going home with one dog, went home with a whole litter more.

The humans decided to give the puppies to the farm for adoption where they were cared for by their dad’s humans and a surrogate dog mom. Mom unfortunately had ideas other than giving the best in class care for her foster puppies. Figuring them to be hungry, or maybe tired of feeding them from the teat, mom brought some cat poop to the puppies and Logan had a gruesome feast.

Logan Australian Shepherd sick puppy
Logan sick and under 24 hour care

Born August 2nd 2014. 162g at birth. Black, copper and white colour with blue merle patterning.

Logan got very sick very fast. He was already the runt of the litter, and he didn’t have a lot of body weight to loose. Coccidia are small protozoans (one-celled organisms) that live in the intestinal tracts of dogs and cats and at this moment in time had set up a large establishment in Logan’s guts. A puppy isn’t born with the coccidia organisms in the intestine but can contract it by being exposed to feces and ingesting them.

Here’s part of an email exchange between myself and Logan’s primary human carer at the time. We were discussing Logan’s progress:

Logan Australian Shepherd Puppy blue eyes
Logan has two blue eyes, with a brown splodge on one

Lauren, I was VERY worried about him. We were doing all we could, but when they are this little, they have so little to loose. He didn’t eat at all yesterday, I managed to force feed him 1 tube of ‘xtracal’ high calorie puppy food goo stuff. Went to town to buy some liver to boil for him. Went to 3 grocery stores, no one sells liver!!!

I remember the powerless feeling of being connected to this pup I had never met but being completely unable to help him or even hold him. I was so frustrated, but very grateful and thankful to the breeder dedicated to saving him. This person I had only recently met was holding my heart in their hands and trying to get it to eat liver.

The next week we got the update we had been waiting for:

Logan puppy australian shepherd girl
Lauren and Logan about to walk in home together for the first time

Logan was VERY down on Thursday, I thought we were going to loose him. But like a bouncy ball, he rebounded at 2 am, and has not slowed down much since.

We FINALLY have an appetite again, ate about 1 cup of chopped liver for breakfast today. His belly was so round that he could not really walk after that. He waddled. Waddled to bed and went to sleep.

He is SUPER DUPER snuggly. Just loves snuggles and hugs.

Now that he has been eating liver, he seems to think the puppy food is poisonous. We will have to work on that.

Soon after, Logan was fit for travel and embarked on his longest adventure travelling across Canada to find his home with us in Vancouver. We still keep in contact with his canine cousins through an online group and through awesome weird luck some happen to live close by.

It’s now nearly two years later and Logan is happy and healthy and doing great. He is still not a fan of kibble and has us jumping hoops to get him to eat it. His favourite food? Liver. We are also doing great. Having Logan in our lives is the best form of therapy. He helps us stay focused in the moment and to appreciate whatever we have for however long we have it. I can’t imagine my life if Logan hadn’t made it. Thank you to everyone who has helped him 🙂

Logan australian shepherd dog wedding
Logan as an almost full grown dog. Here he is freshly groomed for our wedding day where he briefly partied with and barked at our guests

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