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Tips for cheap & affordable professional dog grooming

dog at the professional dog grooming salon

Getting your pet pampered by the pros is a great treat, but even better if you can save some money by getting cheap professional dog grooming through a deal. Once you find a groomer you love, you may want to stick with them, but until then you might as well shop around and take advantage of discounts and deals!

In this article, find 6 ideas to get professional dog grooming at discount prices… read more

Professional dog grooming: All you need to know

Professional dog grooming

This article has got you covered in learning about every type of professional dog grooming and also has useful links to tips for cheap and affordable professional dog grooming and our professional dog grooming price comparison of 10 Top North American groomers.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by grooming your dog or all the professional dog grooming options, start feeling relieved right now because it’s very straightforward and we’ve done all the research and condensed it into a readable nutshell in this article… read more

Professional dog grooming price comparison: 10 Top North American groomers

Professional dog grooming salon price comparison

How much does dog grooming cost is a great question! Unfortunately, it varies hugely on location but, never dissuaded from a hard task, we have done a price comparison of ten top professional dog groomers all over North America to give you an idea. Keeping reading past the price chart to get more information on puppy grooming and for thoughts on why dog grooming is so expensive… read more