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7 Strategies to Deal with Dog Park Dog Fights

Dog park dog fight

When our dog Logan developed a Dog Park Nemesis and began getting in frequent dog fights, we knew we had to act. We needed to better understand his behaviour, triggers, and we needed some strategies to help us deal with the situation when it did happen.

Included in this article are seven of the best strategies and techniques that worked for us to deal with dog park dog fights and good dog park behaviour in general… read more

Tips for cheap & affordable professional dog grooming

dog at the professional dog grooming salon

Getting your pet pampered by the pros is a great treat, but even better if you can save some money by getting cheap professional dog grooming through a deal. Once you find a groomer you love, you may want to stick with them, but until then you might as well shop around and take advantage of discounts and deals!

In this article, find 6 ideas to get professional dog grooming at discount prices… read more