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Tips for cheap & affordable professional dog grooming

dog at the professional dog grooming salon

Getting your pet pampered by the pros is a great treat, but even better if you can save some money by getting cheap professional dog grooming through a deal. Once you find a groomer you love, you may want to stick with them, but until then you might as well shop around and take advantage of discounts and deals! If you’re not sure if professional grooming is for you, learn more about types of professional dog groomers and common grooming services.

6 ideas to get professional dog grooming at discount prices:


  1. Dog Grooming Schools:

    A great way to get cheap dog grooming if you’re lucky enough to live near one. Most cities will have a school that are always looking for well behaved canine volunteers to have a haircut at reduced prices. Students are always supervised by qualified teachers, so no need to worry about things coming out less than professional

  2. Early Bird or Night Owl Deals:

    Dog grooming salons often have an early bird or night owl deal to fill up less popular time slots. If your schedule is flexible, this can be a great way to save some dog grooming dollars

  3. Call the Salon:

    Ask for deals not available on the website, for example, early bird or night owl deals may not be advertised on the groomer’s website or a seasonal promotion may be running

  4. Subscribe:

    Deal sites for your area through a service like Groupon to be notified about pet deals in your area. When dog grooming salons have deals near you, you will be notified. Grooming salons will often offer great deals through services like Groupon to attract new customers, so you get the same service for a fraction of the price

  5. Go Offline:

    Keep an eye out for first time dog grooming salon visit deals and coupons on local billboards and print materials

  6. Skill Swap:

    Smaller local groomers, or those with private dog grooming salons, may be willing to offer a skill swap or trade if you provide any services or products that are tradable. Websites like BarterQuest are making skill swapping a lot more official and easier to find partners


Ready to book?

If you are ready to, or have your appointment booked, check out our 10 tips for getting groomed at the dog groomers to make sure you and your dog both have a great experience.

If you have any other ideas for getting great deals on professional dog grooming, please comment 🙂

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